Anno 2067

Interviewer: The Minister for Housing and Planning joins us today to discuss the Prime Minister’s claim earlier this week that there are more people living at or above sea level now than ever before in recent memory. Minister, would you like to expand on that for us? Minister: Yes, well, it’s quite clear when you […]

The Lobster

On my 25th consecutive Valentine’s Day alone, I decided to finally sit down and devote a couple of hours to the absurdist dystopian black comedy, The Lobster, that had been sitting in my Netflix queue the past few weeks. The premise of the film, as I understood it going in, having seen it recommended by […]

A List of Words That I Have Learnt Over the Course of the Past Year Through Endless, Wide-Eyed, Terror-Stricken Consumption of Articles About Donald Trump

As a paltry attempt at self-improvement, possibly the intellectual equivalent of occasionally taking the stairs instead of the lift, over the past year or so I’ve taken to writing down every new word I come across (or, occasionally, words the definitions of which I thought I sort of knew, but then realised I was mistaken). […]

An Inauspicious Debut

It feels like a very odd time to be starting a blog. Within the immediate sphere of concern of my own life, I am about nine months away from finally graduating and entering the job market, shaken and overwhelmingly under-prepared (I speak three foreign languages and have no life skills). Taking a wider view, the […]