An Inauspicious Debut

It feels like a very odd time to be starting a blog. Within the immediate sphere of concern of my own life, I am about nine months away from finally graduating and entering the job market, shaken and overwhelmingly under-prepared (I speak three foreign languages and have no life skills). Taking a wider view, the world around me looks like it teeters on the cusp of a precipice. It feels as if the world in which I’ve spent the last quarter of a century is coming to a swift, unceremonious close, and the proper adult world I’m about to enter is resembling the one I’ve read about all these years less and less.

But then there’s every chance that this is the very same solipsistic world view every soon-to-be graduate takes on the brink of graduation. The prospect of adulthood (particularly for those of us whose parents have kindly sheltered us from its harsh realities far longer than any twenty-something should expect) seems much crueler the nearer you are to leaving the comfort of academia, and students have graduated into far worse periods of history than this and lived to tell the tale.

Even so, everything still feels somewhat precarious. I suppose writing can be a way to process my inexorable passage into the Realm of Adult Responsibilities or, better yet, another means of distracting myself from it. Please rest assured that future entries on this blog won’t be nearly so dower (probably), nor so navel gazing (probably not).


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