I’m Katy, I’m 24, and I will try to write here sometimes. That said, if I’m writing here, I’m probably trying to avoid doing something more important.

I’m studying at the University of Manchester right now, and my aspiration is to not wind up in the gutter once I graduate.

Why is your blog called Point de Doute?

(Nobody has asked me yet, but I’m going to explain it anyway.)

In his 1966 essay ‘Plumons l’Oiseau’ (Let’s Pluck the Bird) HervĂ© Bazin proposed a new set of punctuation marks; the points of irony, love, certitude, authority, acclamation, and doubt. Then as now, it seems, people had a hard time reading sarcasm or nuance in written language (twas ever thus). I originally wanted to name my blog point d’ironie, in celebration of what I was sure to be the irreverent wit and acerbic observations I’d have to offer, but now I feel point de doute reflects my style a little more accurately.